Healthy carriers: Pico de gallo

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In order to promote healthy snacking, how could the packaging attract one to choose the healthy option over a bag of chips? We also took on the challenge of creating a packaging that could be easily carried on the daily. 
Our solution was a single, portable carrier that was composed of an expandable bowl, a cutting mat, a cup, and knife. The package also contained an avocado, tomato, and onion in order to create our version of pico de gallo.

Role & Contribution
I worked on visuals, ideation, assemblage, and documentation with the team. 
My major contributions are:

  • Creation of visual assets 
  • Cutting mat layout
  • Printing of visuals 
  • Assemblage 

Visuals, Final Prototype, Concept Video

Design Brief
Select three fruits and vegetables that mix well together in terms of both colour and flavor. Create a package that will attract the user and promote healthy eating.

Susie Lee,  Marisa Lu, and Tiffany Lai


We first individually explored different fruits and vegetables. I started with fruits that I personally enjoyed such as bananas and tomatoes. From there, we collaborated in order to decide on three fruits/ veggies that would mix well in harmony. We decided to get inspiration from pico de gallo, a type of Mexican salsa, by selecting the tomato, the avocado, and the onion.

We generated translated the fruits/ veggies into 2D illustrations. I focused on the juicy nature of each by using watercolour as my main medium. We used each of our interpretations and illustrations in the final product packaging.



We created a packaging that would be easy for an individual to carry around. The final packaging is a water bottle sized tube that is able to contain the three items: the tomato, avocado, and onion. There is an expandable bowl at the bottom of the tube, a cutting mat that rolls up around the tube, and a top cap that flips over to become a cup! Hidden inside is also a knife for dicing up the fruits and veggies. 

My main responsibility was to create the print for the cutting mat, the onion bottom for the bowl, assembly, and documentation.

Expandable Bowl

Expandable Bowl


In order to demonstrate the packaging fully, we also documented through video!